Raising The Sails

Sorry….it’s been a while since I posted my first and only article on this blog.  I’ve been doing some writing over at http://www.sowingintheword.com.  I started both blogs on the same day.  I aml learning the different things that WordPress offers and trying to figure out what setup I like the best.

Originally, I wasn’t going to publish either (pronounced with a long “i”) of my blogs until I had them exactly the way I wanted.  However, if I did that, then neither one of them would ever have been launched because I would always be tweaking them. So, I decided to set sail and learn the ropes as I went along.

This is the same approach that I have taken to establish myself as I writer.  I know that there are many things that I need to learn to become a writer par excellence.  This is the part that I find both intimidating and refreshing.  I want to grow and learn, yet, I am afraid of failure or wasting my time.

The other day, I took a Basic English Skills Test at http://www.flexjobs.com as I was applying to a writing opportunity.  I was quite thrilled to score in the top 10 percent of those who have taken that test.  I just hope that a bunch of 4th graders haven’t been taking that test.

Well, the ships been loaded, the anchors being lifted, and the sails are being raised to catch the wind. Wish me Godspeed and pray for me as i take these steps to fulfill a desire that I have had for many years.

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Launching Out…

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Hopefully this is where you meant to be, because, well…because this is where you are. I hope you enjoy your time looking around and that you will take a look at the other blogs that I have created or will be creating.

As I launch this blog and the others, I am doing so with a variety of goals, both personal and professional. 

  • Writing is something that I have always enjoyed doing and I want to become better at it.  As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I spend much time speaking in front of a public audience.  Through the discipline of blogging on a regular basis, I went to develop myself as a writer and speaker. In short, I want to make sure that I am communicating my message effectively.
  • Thus far, my time in the ministry has been bi-vocational, meaning that I have had to work a job outside of the ministry to support my family. I am beginning to take the steps to put myself in a situation where I can support my family through the arena of writing.  My desire is to brand myself as a creative and credible writer who provides a valuable service to those who need copy writing done for them. I also wish to involve myself on a limited scale in the area of social content management. Meaning that I would like to work with a handful of SMB’s in the area of social media and helping them achieve the goals that they have in reaching and retaining their customers.
  • The third goal that I have (at this point), is to become a published author.  I have had the desire for several years to write a book. I will use the exercise of blogging to hone my writing skills and thus prepare me to write a book in the future.

So, look about, enjoy or endure my thoughts and please let me know of any dangling modifiers or misplaced prepositions hanging around.

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