Launching Out…

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Hopefully this is where you meant to be, because, well…because this is where you are. I hope you enjoy your time looking around and that you will take a look at the other blogs that I have created or will be creating.

As I launch this blog and the others, I am doing so with a variety of goals, both personal and professional. 

  • Writing is something that I have always enjoyed doing and I want to become better at it.  As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I spend much time speaking in front of a public audience.  Through the discipline of blogging on a regular basis, I went to develop myself as a writer and speaker. In short, I want to make sure that I am communicating my message effectively.
  • Thus far, my time in the ministry has been bi-vocational, meaning that I have had to work a job outside of the ministry to support my family. I am beginning to take the steps to put myself in a situation where I can support my family through the arena of writing.  My desire is to brand myself as a creative and credible writer who provides a valuable service to those who need copy writing done for them. I also wish to involve myself on a limited scale in the area of social content management. Meaning that I would like to work with a handful of SMB’s in the area of social media and helping them achieve the goals that they have in reaching and retaining their customers.
  • The third goal that I have (at this point), is to become a published author.  I have had the desire for several years to write a book. I will use the exercise of blogging to hone my writing skills and thus prepare me to write a book in the future.

So, look about, enjoy or endure my thoughts and please let me know of any dangling modifiers or misplaced prepositions hanging around.


About jim3appel

I am by my own definition of the words, a freelance copy writer and social media content manager. I am married and have 3 wonderful children. Come and get to know me by taking a look at my different blogs.
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