Raising The Sails

Sorry….it’s been a while since I posted my first and only article on this blog.  I’ve been doing some writing over at http://www.sowingintheword.com.  I started both blogs on the same day.  I aml learning the different things that WordPress offers and trying to figure out what setup I like the best.

Originally, I wasn’t going to publish either (pronounced with a long “i”) of my blogs until I had them exactly the way I wanted.  However, if I did that, then neither one of them would ever have been launched because I would always be tweaking them. So, I decided to set sail and learn the ropes as I went along.

This is the same approach that I have taken to establish myself as I writer.  I know that there are many things that I need to learn to become a writer par excellence.  This is the part that I find both intimidating and refreshing.  I want to grow and learn, yet, I am afraid of failure or wasting my time.

The other day, I took a Basic English Skills Test at http://www.flexjobs.com as I was applying to a writing opportunity.  I was quite thrilled to score in the top 10 percent of those who have taken that test.  I just hope that a bunch of 4th graders haven’t been taking that test.

Well, the ships been loaded, the anchors being lifted, and the sails are being raised to catch the wind. Wish me Godspeed and pray for me as i take these steps to fulfill a desire that I have had for many years.


About jim3appel

I am by my own definition of the words, a freelance copy writer and social media content manager. I am married and have 3 wonderful children. Come and get to know me by taking a look at my different blogs.
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