I am, by my own definition, a freelance writer and social media marketer.  I have not read the technical definitions of either (pronounced with an “i”) term, but instead, I am blazing a trail as I pursue two things in which I have strong interests.

Having been in the ministry since 2005, I have spent thousands of hours both studying, writing, and presenting.  During all of this time, I have been bi-vocational. Which means that I have to work outside of the ministry in order to support my family.  I am taking the steps to remove myself from the traditional work environment and give me greater control over my schedule.

My desire is to be able to build up a reputation of being a good writer so that I can provide a valuable service to both individuals and companies as a copywriter and a social media content manager.

I have been married to the love of my life since June 17, 2005.  We have lived in North Carolina, Nebraska, and now back in North Carolina.  Our quiver has been filled and we are now raising three precious children, one girl and two boys.

I enjoy reading, writing, travelling, hunting, and spending time with family and friends.


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