Copy Writing: Product descriptions – I can work with your ideas, or I can do my own research against competitor products and create for you a winning description for your product.  Personal profiles/bio-sketches – Are you looking to update your Linkedin profile or write a short sketch of you as a person? You give me all the facts of why you are such a great person and I will make sure the rest of the world recognizes the same when they read about you.  Website content – Whether you are launching or recreating your website, I will work with you to create a dynamic site.  Other idea’s – These are just a few idea’s. If there is a need that you have, that is not covered here, feel free to contact me and we will discuss it.  If it’s out of my league, I will be forthright and tell you.

Social Media Content Manager: For the business looking to create a personal connection with your fans, friends, and followers, I will work with you to develop a solid presence in your market.  At present,  my services would work best for a small business that is looking to grow their presence in the world of social media. It is my desire to find a core group of 8-10 businesses that I can provide this service for.


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